Moving to Munich: Public Transport Tickets & Passes

Moving to Munich: Public Transport Tickets & Passes

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Once you know all there is to know about the zones, areas, districts, rings and Munich XXL of the public transport system of the Bavarian capital, it’s time for you to choose the kind of ticket which best serves your transportation needs. Here are the basics.

Single Ticket – a single ticket entitles one person to one ride in one direction. The Single Ticket is ideal for spontaneous journeys with the MVV – and it is even cheaper when bought at a ticket machine by cashless payment. The regular price is €2.70 (per zone), children up to 6 years of age ride for free, children aged 6 – 14 pay €1.30.

Stripe Ticket – a stripe ticket (Streifenkarte) is a ticket that is good for several rides and/or several people and is less expensive than several single tickets. The Stripe Ticket is very flexible: it can be used for several trips by one or more individuals, for children, young persons and adults. You are allowed to change and interrupt your trip, return and round trips, however, are not permitted. The Stripe Ticket is better value for money than the Single Ticket. Depending on your destination, one or several of the ten stripes are validated.

marienplatz bus 620

Day Ticket - A day ticket is available either as a single or group option for an unlimited number of rides per day. The Single Day Ticket is valid for a person from the age of 15 and up. It can be used within the selected area of validity for as many trips as you like on one day. A Inner District (white zone) day ticket costs €6.40, a Munich XXL Day Ticket (white and green zones) costs €8.60 and an Entire Network Day Ticket costs €12.40 (white, green, yellow and red zones). The last ticket is a good choice for the last day of your Munich stay, as you can also use it to get to the Munich Airport.

The simple Day Ticket is valid until 6 am the following day. The 3-Day-Ticket is valid until 6 am of the fourth day.A 3-day ticket for the Inner District is available for €16.00. All tickets can be purchased from ticket machines, online and by smartphone.

Group Day Ticket - The Group Day Ticket, formerly known as Partner Day Ticket, is valid for as many trips as you like for up to five adults, whereby any two children between 6 and 14 years of age count as one adult. Up to ten kids can travel on one ticket. As teachers cannot memorise the dates of birth of all their pupils, schoolchildren up to 9th grade are counted as children on school trips. The Group Day Ticket can be used by the group within the selected area of validity for as many trips as you like on one day. A group ticket for the Inner District costs €12.20, Munich XXL €15.40, Entire Network €23.20. The option is also available as a 3-day ticket.


Pets and Bikes

Every passenger may take one dog. Additional dogs travel at the children’s fare. Bikes may only be taken on the S-Bahn and on the underground but not during rush hour.

Weekly, monthly or annual tickets – For regular use

Good for an unlimited number of rides during a specific period (a week, month, or year) in the region for which they were purchased. Senior citizen, pupil, trainee, and student fares are also available. IMPORTANT: The last three groups require a customer card that includes a passport photo. These cards are only issued at the MVG Customer Center in Poccistrasse, at DB-Zeitkartenstelle München Hauptbahnhof (main rail station), and the S-Bahn München Hauptbahnhof Service Centre.

Special Fare Calculation for Weekly, Monthly or Annual Passes

Pass fares are based on a more detailed scheme that subdivides each zone into four rings. Overall in the MVV region, there are thus 16 rings on which pass fares are based. Rings 1 through 4 correspond to the Inner, rings 5 through 16 to the Outer Region. Rings 1 through 16 make up the total network. The fare depends on the number of rings travelled (with a minimum of two adjacent rings).

You can use determine the number of rings required for a certain connection and the resulting price of an IsarCard weekly or monthly pass by providing the following information:

Enter your point of departure and stop or street.

Enter your destination and stop or street.

Prompt for connections (press "Anfordern" button).

You will receive an overview of connections.

Press the euro button in the fare overview after selecting your preferred connection.

A new window opens, showing the number of rings and the pass fares.

Within the rings selected, you can use your pass to travel any line in any direction.

Ticket MVG.jpg

The price of your weekly or monthly ticket is based on the number of rings you will travel through (minimum of two). You can use all lines in all directions within your chosen rings. If you live in Haar and work at Marienplatz, buy a season ticket for rings 1 – 4. This ticket not only enables you to travel between Haar and Marienplatz, but also any which way you like within rings 1 – 4. So it can take you to the Olympiazentrum, to Pasing, to Feldmoching or to Mangfallplatz. A season ticket for rings 1 – 4 corresponds to an Inner District Day Ticket. If you have this type of IsarCard, you would only need to buy an Outer District Day Ticket in order to travel to the airport.

Where to Buy Your Ticket

Underground (U-Bahn) and Urban Rail (S-Bahn) station ticket vending machines sell any cash fare ticket. These tickets are also available on trams and city buses, except for the stripe ticket. In addition to the ticket vending machines, tickets are sold at service points, customer service centres, info points and a large number of private points of sale (e.g., kiosks and stationery stores).

Passes are sold by S-Bahn station ticket vending machines and specially designated ticket vending machines at underground stops. Passes, single and day tickets are also available at Deutsche Bahn’s mainline ticket vending machines.

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