German Companies Banning Pokémon Go Photo: CCO Public Domain

German Companies Banning Pokémon Go

By  Thursday, 11.8.2016, 14:42    News

Bosch, Daimler, Thyssen Krupp, Volkswagen, Evonik and BASF are just a few of German companies which have forbidden their employees to play Pokémon Go while at work or on company premises, reported yesterday and today, August 11, 2016 in multiple posts. Besides the obvious reason that the app is distracting and that the employees are paid for other activities, the companies also remind of the “no-photo” policies in their factories and other spaces, as well as of security, data and privacy protection. Most of the companies have also forbidden for the app to be downloaded on company phones, tablets and other devices.

In other recent Pokémon Go related stories, the newspaper brings two separate reports from Dusseldorf. In one writes about a closed down bridge where Pokémon where hundreds of Pokémon players gather daily to hunt for the monsters, the also park their cars near to the bridge and cause traffic chaos. In another Pokémon post from Dusseldorf, they report of local public transport company Rheinbahn, which has introduced special rides to Pokémon hotspots through the city, while the Osnabruck Zoo invites Pokémon Go players to visit.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Word is autocorrecting Pokemon to Pokémon. Where is it all going to end?

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